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  • Types of Solar Connectors

    Types of Solar Connectors

    2023-08-10 [ Industry News ]

    MC4 Connectors: MC4 (Multi-Contact 4) connectors are one of the most commonly used types. Known for their durability and ease of installation, MC4 connectors ensure a weather-tight and secure connection between solar panels.Amphenol H4 Connectors: Amphenol H4 connectors are recognized for their compatibility with high-power systems and their ability to handle larger currents. They offer enhanced efficiency and reduced power losses.Tyco Solarlok Connectors: Tyco Solarlok connectors are known for their tool-free installation and strong locking mechanisms. They provide a dependable connection, ev......


  • How to distinguish PCB, PCBA, SMT, DIP?

    How to distinguish PCB, PCBA, SMT, DIP?

    2023-07-21 [ Industry News ]

    First, what is PCBFirst of all, it is necessary to understand its Chinese name is printed circuit board, electronic devices manufactured by electronic printing technology, the main role is to support electronic components, is one of the most important parts of the electronic processing industry.2. What is PCBAPCBA does not refer specifically to an item, but to a process in general. It represents the meaning of the empty PCB board after SMT processing, the relevant electronic components are glued to the pad, and then the entire processing process of DIP plug-in. Many people will confuse PCB and......


  • The future development trend of solar LED lights

    The future development trend of solar LED lights

    2023-07-06 [ Industry News ]

    With the continuous deepening of research on solar energy, on the basis of the continuous improvement of the reliability and superiority of photovoltaic power generation technology dominated by solar energy, compared with other renewable energy sources, photovoltaic power generation has more significant advantages. An important direction of electric power engineering construction and development. The development and application of solar photovoltaic power generation in my country is also very significant. By 2020, it is expected to reach a cumulative installed capacity of 30,000 megawatts, acc......


  • Application of electrical terminal in photovoltaic system

    Application of electrical terminal in photovoltaic system

    2023-06-21 [ Industry News ]

    Electrical terminals have many applications in photovoltaic systems, for example, as breaking, bus and wire connections. The photovoltaic terminals produced by Guangzhou Gaaye Electronics are mainly used to connect the lines of the equipment in the screen and the equipment outside the screen, and play the role of signal (current and voltage) transmission. Photovoltaic terminals make the wiring beautiful, easy to maintain, the connection between the remote lines is mainly reliable,photovoltaic terminal block,a photovoltaic system,pv terminal block,solar power tower vs photovoltaic,photovoltaic ......


  • What is LED display sending card?

    What is LED display sending card?

    2023-06-15 [ Industry News ]

    Send card Settings are very simple, if your display screen job in the form of 1024×768 do not need to be set to work, otherwise you need to select the required display form, and then click "save to send card", set your computer resolution from scratch. Today, let's analyze the sent card description of the LED display.First, the LED display sending card description principle: the sending card is composed of DVI module, FPGA controller, and two Gigabit network output modules. The DVl decoding chip sends the decoded data and control signal to the FPGA operator, the FPGA is cached by......