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  • How to choose household wires?

    How to choose household wires?

    2021-02-07 [ Industry News ]

    1 look at the packagingWires with neat coils, good packaging, complete items on the certificate (trademark, factory name, factory address, telephone number, specifications, cross-section, inspector, etc.) and clear printing are generally produced by large manufacturers, and most of the large manufacturers will comply National related standards, so the quality is reliable.2 compare coresOpen the package and simply take a look at the cores inside and compare the cores of wires of different brands with the same nominal name. If one of the two types of wires is obviously too thick, it means that t......


  • what is electrical cable and its types?

    what is electrical cable and its types?

    2021-02-07 [ Industry News ]

    There are various types of wires, which can be divided into many types according to different uses. Compared with wires for other purposes such as engineering, household wires have relatively lower functional requirements. Specifically, household wires are classified as follows.Hard wire: professionally called BV wire, mainly used for power supply, lighting, sockets, air-conditioning, and suitable for cables and wires for power plants, household appliances, meters and telecommunications equipment with AC voltage of 450/750V and below. Hard wire has a certain degree of hardness, which is more c......


  • Advantages of e27 lamp holder

    Advantages of e27 lamp holder

    2020-09-07 [ Industry News ]

    E27 lamp holder is used a lot in daily life, why is it so popular? This is because this lamp holder is more suitable for household circuits. We all know that all electrical equipment needs a suitable range of current and voltage, and the e27 lamp holder has the best current and voltage tolerance for household circuits, so it is widely used in daily life. In addition to e27, there are also e14 and e40 screw sockets commonly used in homes, but only e27 is the most widely used. Most of the current LED lamp manufacturers install the national e27 lamp holder standard production products, directly s......


  • How to repair the fluorescent lamp socket broken?

    How to repair the fluorescent lamp socket broken?

    2020-08-28 [ Industry News ]

    Specific steps are as follows:   1. Remove the normal lamp tube, and then remove the broken base.  2. Replace with the prepared new base.   3. Reconnect the wires and restore the insulation.   4. Install the lamp tube and power on for debugging.  It is not easy to buy matching fluorescent lamp holders. You can try to remove it from the old fluorescent lamp or directly replace it with a new


  • Waterproof Christmas lamp holder?

    Waterproof Christmas lamp holder?

    2020-08-23 [ Industry News ]

    A waterproof Christmas lamp holder includes a bulb, a soft core, and a lamp holder body. The soft core has a folded end that passes through the bulb lead and is connected with a conductive sheet. The bulb is placed in the soft core and the soft core is inserted into the lamp holder In the body, a conductive sheet is installed in the lamp holder body, and the conductive sheet is connected with the stringed-in wire. It is characterized in that the soft core tail end is made with a convex strip that matches the bottom opening of the lamp holder body and the stringed-in wire. After being inserted ......