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How to distinguish PCB, PCBA, SMT, DIP?

How to distinguish PCB, PCBA, SMT, DIP?

First, what is PCB

First of all, it is necessary to understand its Chinese name is printed circuit board, electronic devices manufactured by electronic printing technology, the main role is to support electronic components, is one of the most important parts of the electronic processing industry.

2. What is PCBA

PCBA does not refer specifically to an item, but to a process in general. It represents the meaning of the empty PCB board after SMT processing, the relevant electronic components are glued to the pad, and then the entire processing process of DIP plug-in. Many people will confuse PCB and PCBA, their two names differ by a letter, the actual difference is very far, PCBA board when PCB board finished products.

Three, what is SMT

SMT is the surface mounting process of electronic products, which is the process of attaching electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, transistors, ics, inductors, crystal oscillators, etc. to the circuit board. Simply put, it is the welding process between components and the circuit board. It is an important step of PCBA processing technology.

What is DIP

DIP is the full name of Dual In-line Package, the Chinese name is called dual in-line package technology. Generally speaking, DIP can be roughly divided into plug-in, wave soldering, repair welding and other processes, plug-in is to manually insert DIP components into the corresponding position on the PCB pad; Wave soldering is a plug-in to complete the PCBA through the wave welding furnace, and then a series of flux, spray, heat, wave repair welding and other links; Repair welding is to check the PCBA of the wave peak welding furnace, and the solder joints with insufficient solder are repaired by manual soldering iron. It is also an essential step in PCBA processing.