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How to choose household wires?

How to choose household wires?

1 look at the packaging

Wires with neat coils, good packaging, complete items on the certificate (trademark, factory name, factory address, telephone number, specifications, cross-section, inspector, etc.) and clear printing are generally produced by large manufacturers, and most of the large manufacturers will comply National related standards, so the quality is reliable.

2 compare cores

Open the package and simply take a look at the cores inside and compare the cores of wires of different brands with the same nominal name. If one of the two types of wires is obviously too thick, it means that the thick-skinned wires are not reliable. Pull the thread hardly, the ones that are not easy to tear are generally the national standard.

3 burn with fire

After the insulating material is ignited, remove the fire source. If it is extinguished within 5s, it has a certain flame retardant function and should be a national standard line.

4 look at the inner core

The material of the inner core (copper), the brighter and softer the copper, the better. The national standard requires that the inner core must be made of pure copper.

5 look at online printing

The state stipulates that relevant signs must be printed on the wires, such as product model, unit name, etc. The maximum interval between signs should not exceed 50 cm, and the printed clearly and well-balanced should be the national standard line produced by large manufacturers.

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