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  • Ceramic lamp holder maintenance?

    Ceramic lamp holder maintenance?

    2020-06-26 [ Industry News ]

    1. When the ceramic lamp holder moves relatively large, the ceramic lamp holder must be careful not to use a hand-held utensil, but to hold the bottom with one hand to avoid the separation of the original spliced parts.2.If the ceramic lamp holder has a figure carving, you must pay attention to the delicate hair parts such as the hair and fingers of the character; at the same time, when lifting the utensils, do not hold the head of the character with one hand, but hold the character with one hand. The head supports the figure's body with one hand.3. Ceramic lamp holders are generally equip......


  • Insulating ceramics?

    Insulating ceramics?

    2020-06-26 [ Industry News ]

    Insulating ceramics, ceramic metallized ceramics, the ceramic materials of metallized products are divided into 96 white alumina ceramics and 93 black alumina ceramics. The main types are metallized ceramic substrates, which can also be metallized ceramic substrates. The metallization methods include thick film method and co-firing method. The product has precise dimensions and small warpage; the metal-ceramic joint is strong; the metal-ceramic joint is dense and heat dissipation. It can be used for LED heat dissipation substrate, ceramic package, electronic circuit substrate, etc.......


  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic lampholders?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic lampholders?

    2020-06-24 [ Industry News ]

    The ceramic lamp holder is made of ceramic as the main material. Ceramic lampholders are more heat resistant than ordinary lampholders. The product is usually easy to load and unload and has high safety, whether it is architectural lighting or home lighting.The advantages of ceramic lamp holders:1. Ceramic is the best insulating material among all lamp holder materials, and its heat resistance is much stronger than bakelite and plastic. Therefore, it can effectively avoid hidden safety hazards caused by heat in the case of high-power operation.2. The appearance of the ceramic lamp holder is mo......


  • Several viewpoints affecting the life of LED strips?

    Several viewpoints affecting the life of LED strips?

    2020-06-22 [ Industry News ]

    1. Since LEDs are constant current components, the constant current effect of LED lights produced by different manufacturers is different. Of course, the life span is different.2. The bad toughness of the copper wire of the LED strip or the flexible circuit board will cause the LED strip to break when it is bent, which will also affect it.The life of the LED strip.3. Power supply factor, LED lights are generally powered by constant voltage power supply (DC switching power supply). If the output of the power supply is unstable or there is no surge protection, it will output unstable voltage and......


  • How to connect the screw lamp holder?

    How to connect the screw lamp holder?

    2020-06-20 [ Industry News ]

    First of all, make sure that the installed screw base is intact.Re-confirm the quality of the screw sockets installed.The most basic thing is to install firmly.Because of their simple structure, screw-type lamps are relatively simple when wiring. We only need to connect the wiring to the terminal of the center contact of the screw lamp, and connect the neutral line to the terminal of the screw.......