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  • E14 bakelite lamp socket holder
  • E27 bakelite lamp holder socket
  • E26 Light Socket

    E26 Light Socket

    2019-03-04 [ Industry News ]

    The medium E26 Light Socket has a porcelain body that is gray glazed with ceramic arc shield, allowing for more heat resistance. The socket features a durable, nickel-plated copper alloy screw shell, lamp grips, and two screws for easy installation. It is pulse-rated, so it is ideal for use with any medium base pulse-start metal halide bulbs.......


  • How to wiring a lamp holder?

    How to wiring a lamp holder?

    2018-12-01 [ Industry News ]

    How to wiring a lamp holder? The tips as below: The wire on my light fixture is too small, so I am trying to change it. The fitting/fixture (what is the correct period?) however would not play nice: I can’t understand the correct way to get rid of the old insert (and still have the capacity to insert the revolutionary wiring a lamp holder).wiring a lamp holder, so it need to be some sort of attach thing. I’m not really too comfy applying excessive pressure towards plastic, as it may bend/break, before I do know I have the correct point to put my screw driver.The point of these comment is ......


  • What’s the lamp holder converters?

    What’s the lamp holder converters?

    2018-12-01 [ Industry News ]

    Lamp holder converters purpose is to solve the existing screw and lamp holders not generic characteristics of the utility model: a screw lamp with a socket lamp holders connection constitutes a screw change lamp holders points; a jack lamp with the the a halogen lamp holders join constitutes screw jack becomes sub lamp holders. the utility model particularly suitable for home use. simply when existing lamps and lamp interface discrepancies the porcelain lamp holders screwed one of the interface converter lampholder existing lights can be fitted using.......