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E27 PIR Motion Sensor socket
E27 PIR Motion Sensor socket

E27 PIR Motion Sensor socket

Product Attributes :

E27 PIR Motion Sensor socket

Product Description
100% brand new and high quality. 
Design with wide voltage and adjustable illumination. 
Great to use with high sensitivity and equipped with mature IC can save energy. 
Infrared technology which can antomatically turn on/off the lamp by sensing human without sound and switch control. 
Used for the places you want to antomatically turn on/off the lamp, automatically exhaust and the other electrical control. 
Greatly used in corridor, bathroom, basement, warehouse, etc.or anti-theft.
Suitable with E27 interface.
Work voltage: AC86-265V,50HZ 
Static features: ≤0.1W 
Delay time: 30s 
Load power: 1w-100w 
Induction distance: 5-10 
Induction angle: ≤110° 
Illumination: Adjustable 
How to use: 
1.Do not operate when power on. 
2.The power line is on the left side and the knob to regulate day and night is on the right side hole. 
3.Gently adjust by aligning the cross pattern of the potentiometer with the tools. 
4.The adjustment range is 180 degrees with the clockwise direction for day and counterclockwise direction for night.

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